Martha Mok

Empowerment Coach

Hi my name is Marth Mok and I’m know as the Super Confident Coach. I’m a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, multi-business owner, multi-award-winning International makeup artist & hairstylist and author.

I coached in the areas of life, business, self-worth and relationships.
My speciality is empowering new coaches to run their profitable coaching business. By teaching them an easy 4 steps program with 100% support from beginning. Covering the entrepreneur mindset, gaining the clarity to start your business, launching your program and strategy in social media management and lead generation to maintain your business.

That is my business side.
What you don’t know is my WHY. MY passion for doing this is to help guide women who may have suffered through similar experience as me. Like being in an abusive marriage, bullied throughout school and sexually molested by someone whom was trusted.
To them find themselves again by being in control and not letting their past dictate their futures.

My mission is: ‘No women should suffer in silence Hear me roar!’ After over 30 years in silence, now is the time to shine, to be heard and show other women how they can do it too. Own your future because you deserved it.

August 20, 2021

That Thing About Bullied to Empowered

In This Episode we share the Journey of a woman who was bullied at school from a young age, sexually molested and for 19 years was in an abusive marriage. You were going to learn how she worked her way out of those challenges...