Laurie Herbers


Laurie Herbers is an Empowerment Coach and Author. Her recent book is Second Chances How I Turned Hate into Love and Found My Purpose. My father was emotionally abusive when I was little. We were just starting to connect when he passed away suddenly. I tried to ignore it because I was working on my degree, but then summer came and I had to meet all I was feeling face to face. This moment changed me forever. In her youth she struggled in abuse and trauma, carrying the pain forth into adulthood. Hating life was her home and daily struggle until the day she decided to change her thoughts and beliefs and pursued love with a fervor that superseded everything else. Now her mission is to guide over a million individuals into the fullness of love so they can pursue their purpose with passion and love. She is passionate about others never having to go another day feeling worthless, unwanted, unloved, feeling guilt, shame, pain, and judgment. Everything she does is done in love and believes in honoring all life. She is passionate about leading others to truth, their purpose and falling into love with life, every aspect of it. Her number one goal in life is to change the world through a movement of love from the soul. When she is not working she could be out with her daughter enjoying love through nature, reading, or singing along with her favorite songs.

Laurie Herbers Episodes

Dec. 28, 2020 Personal Journals

That Thing About Second Chances

In this episode we have a conversation with a woman who, in her youth, struggled in abuse and trauma, carrying the pain forth int…

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