Kevin O'Connor


Kevin is an intuitive, connected, powerful and masculine life coach. He has a way of seeing the whole person, asking the right questions and offering just the right amount of support. His wealth of experience as a husband, lover, father, son, and now single as well as his time as an employee and now entrepreneur helps him understand every situation. His Masters degree and many Emotional Intelligence workshops have helped shape his coaching in a way that allows him to coach people to be a better version of themselves and have a happier and more fulfilled life.

Kevin lives in South Orange County, CA very close to his daughter, Katie. He has 2 adult kids (Katie and Matt) which he adores. He is originally a Canadian and you can still find him on trips with a “knapsack” looking for the “washroom”. He likes to work out, go on long walks and eat healthy. What you might not know about him is that he loves to sing and has an amazing deep bass voice. My focus is on men, couples and everything in between. I support my clients as they overcome personal challenges that impact their lives. I bring a perspective and a set of skills that have been developed over decades as a professional, an entrepreneur, parent, husband and single man. I coach from the heart with an emphasis on the practical, the tangible and the masculine.
“Women come to me for help with men. Men come to me for help.”.