Karina Pardus


Karina Pardus is a composer, solopreneur, and founder of Coy Compositions writing music for podcasts, video games, and has worked with companies such as Ipsy. She has been a panelist at the Salt Lake Gaming Convention, and a contributor to the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit. As a mom of 3, she knows that managing a family and a business requires a lot of creativity to not only balance her dreams, but to thrive among them. As a person living with neurodiversity, I have found great peace in the power that music has to speak to all people on an intimate and individual level. Our brains interpret how we feel when we hear music faster than any other medium, making what we hear so important to the messages we're creating and receiving.
My mission is to create music that creates an immediate connection in your audience to the emotions that convey the vision and values that you live by. I'm excited to join you on this creative journey.

December 09, 2020

That Thing About Music Being My Refuge

In this episode you are going to learn how to use music to soothe your soul, calm your mind, and tell your story in a unique way? We’re going to have a conversation with Karina Pardus a composer, solopreneur, and founder of C...