Gerry Murphy


Gerry is a 54 year old Scot, born and raised in Glasgow. He has three children, Kevin 30, Caitlin 29, and Frances 7. He lives with his wife Jennifer, and Frances in NYC now having come to the US, 7 years ago. In his career, Gerry has led the marketing function for some of the biggest retail brands on both sides of the Atlantic, and over his 30 year plus career you have probably been his customer.

As a marketer, the art of writing and communication has always been important to him, but it is his love for music that has been his real passion. An avid listener with an eclectic palette, a collector, a singer and gig-goer, Gerry has had music as his constant companion. It is only fitting that his first book is set to his soundtrack of these events.

That Thing About Practicing Death

June 23, 2021

In This Episode we share the journey of Gerry Murphy a man who faced a unique near death experience after spending 5 days in an ICU in NYC. He was Isolated, not allowed food or water, he was not coherent or comprehending enough to communicate with his loved ones, and too scared to go to sleep in ca…

Guest: Gerry Murphy