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Eleanor Wagner

Author/Paranormal Investigator/Podcaster

Eleanor Wagner, founder of The Lady Ghostbusters Paranormal Team, is the author of four books: Dream a Little Dream (2015), Sussex County Hauntings and Other Strange Phenomena: Parts l and ll (2019 and 2020) and her most recent title, “Warren County Hauntings and Other Strange Phenomena.” Her children’s book series, Jeanine Beane Meets Mavis the Camel is due to release in 2022. Her podcast, Eleanor Wagner’s Strange and Scary World is broadcast on the Paranormal UK Radio Network bi-weekly on Thursdays. Her Live show, “Creepin’ It Reel” with the Coast2Coast Entertainment Network runs 7 PM EST bi-weekly Thursdays.

That Thing About Hauntings, Supernatural Romance and The Lady Ghostbusters

April 27, 2022

In This episode Hauntings, Ghost Hunting, Supernatural possibilities...answering the questions “ “What's it like to catch a ghost on camera? How do you feel when you ask a question, and a spirit answers you back? Can paranor…