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Charlene Madden

Speaker/Author/Womens Empowerment Coach

Charlene Madden has admittedly spent most of her life living in a state of darkness. After experiencing over 9 years of sexualized trauma at the hands of her grandfather, a decade of domestic violence, and 3+ decades of mental illness and suicidal ideology, she was just 2 days away from taking her life when she attended a women's workshop where everything changed. She was able to take off her blinders, begin the healing process, and find her Purpose by turning her Mess into a Message of Hope, Evolution, and Transformation that she now shares with people all over the world.
Charlene is a Mother of 3 amazing children, a wife, Reiki Practitioner, Women's Empowerment Coach.

That Thing About The Secrets That Define Our Lives

April 22, 2022

Hey One more thing before you go; In this episode we're going to have conversations about childhood sexual violence, domestic abuse, alcoholism and mental illness in a way that shatter the walls of the stigmas that surround …