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Sept. 14, 2022

From Broken to People Building: How to Manage Mental Health

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How do you manage your life when your father dies, your mother is diagnosed with a rare brain disease, and you become the legal guardian for your sister who has severe learning difficulties and extremely volatile epilepsy all at once? What Happens to your mental health when you’re thrust into a life situation where you go from zero dependents to having TWO with high needs within a few months, all while trying to build your businesses. Gemma Bailey took the opportunity to put these unexpected experiences to good use and trained to become a Neuropsychologist. Stay tuned you’re going to take part in her journey through these extraordinary circumstances and learn how you too can learn to positively manage your mental health and life situation as she did. I’m your host Michael Herst and this is One More Thing Before You Go!

My guest in this episode is Gemma Bailey, (in addition to her caretaking) is the CEO of 3 companies that specialize in mental health *and* a nonprofit company. Gemma has been producing personal development products since 2005 and has a library of scripts, audios and podcasts. Her training, coaching and products have their roots in NLP and are based around accelerated learning techniques to help delegates adapt and incorporate their new behaviors quickly and effectively. She is a franchisor for a children's mental health company that specializes in NLP (and alternative therapy a little like CBT) and has 26 individuals who represent her brand throughout the country. She continues to work with clients in need of therapeutic support using NLP and Hypnotherapy while currently undertaking a Masters in Psychology. Find out more about how Gemma can help you at https://beforeyougopodcast.com where are you will find her bio and links to her website, social media, and podcast





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Gemma BaileyProfile Photo

Gemma Bailey


I have 3 companies that specialise in mental health *and* a non profit company. I'm also the legal guardian for my sister who has severe epilepsy and special needs, as my mum was diagnosed with a rare brain disease. I've single handedly fought to ensure they get the best possible care whilst keeping the ship afloat in the businesses too, investing in premises and writing a couple of books. I'm a franchisor for a children's mental health company that specialises in NLP (and alternative therapy a little like CBT) and have 26 individuals who represent my brand throughout the country. I also continue to work with clients in need of therapeutic support using NLP and Hypnotherapy whilst undertaking a masters in psychology. I'm an author of 2 published books.

So with all of that going on it's probably been quite handy that I work in mental health! 😂