Win K Charles


About the Host, Win Kelly Charles
Podcast host, Win Kelly Charles, has Cerebral Palsy, she is podcaster, an educator, a writer, as well as in University to become a journalist. her mission is to help others with physical and mental disabilities to find their voices through written or spoken word, using today's assistive technologies as needed.
About the Ask Win Podcast
Ask Win is a podcast about celebrating life with people from different walks of life, with a focus on those sharing their stories through writing books and/or blogs. We take a look into daily life issues, especially for those storytellers, writers, publishers, artists, journalists and podcasters who have or are serving those with mental or physical disabilities.

January 07, 2021

That Thing About Cerebral Palsy

In this episode we have a conversation with a woman who shares her journey with Cerebral Palsy, retiring as a music teaching, becoming a podcaster, a writer, as well as currently in University to become a journalist. Her miss...