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Teresa partners with those who've been knocked down by life and want to bounce back to live a bold life. She’s a coach, speaker, and author specializing in resiliency, change, and loss. Change happens in life and work. Building resiliency and learning steps for surviving and thriving amidst constant change sets apart those who live boldly.

My life's passion is helping others build resiliency into their lives so that when life gets hard they can bounce back.

Author of Soul Love: How A Dog Taught Me to Breathe Again & co-author of Torn in Half: The First Days & Explorations into the Being and Doing of Coaching: A collection of voices, insights and wisdom from Austin area coaches

That Thing About “How A Dog Taught Me to Breathe Again”

March 16, 2022

In this episode: alcoholic parents, a fatal motorcycle accident, living with three autoimmune diseases: divorce, career change, workplace challenges and more. An open and honest conversation with a professional resiliency co…

Guest: Teresa Bitner