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Michaell Magrutsche

Awareness and Creativity educator

Intro: Michaell Magrutsche, Austrian/Californian multidisciplinary artist, awareness and creativity educator, speaker, and author. He works on raising the awareness of our limitless human potential and comprehending wisdom. Michaell is an advocate for helping understand neurodiversity.

Michaell’s dyslexia and dysgraphia forced him to develop an awareness of seeing the world purely from a human perspective. Creating art completed his awareness of what it is to be human-relevant vs system-relevant. You can connect with Michaell through MICHAELLM.com

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Michaell’s talent is recognizing awareness to seed a new consciousness that allows us to unveil the untapped superpowers of human’s limitlessness, art/creativity, healthy discourse and adaptability to make all humans fit within our human tapestry.

Because Michaell has been a sick child also dyslexic and has dysgraphia (hand eye coordination) he could only navigate in very few systems. Michaell was forced to find his salvation in art. Interacting and creating art outside of systems helped him feel humane and got him through life. Michaell is completely self-taught. Art allowed him to experience life with other humans and 5 books later, Michaell produced with Robert Evans and became a City Arts Commissioner etc. etc.

Michaell discovered that creating art is humans greatest inherent superpower, followed by healthy dialogue and our adaptability. These superpowers are applicable to everything from Creativity, Leadership, Business, Education, Relationships and what else humans focus on.

Today, Michaell keeps unveiling the limitations of all man-made systems like technology, science, economy and generalized knowledge to change systems to be more human adaptable instead of humans keep forcing themself to be system adaptive.

This work raises our human potential instead of making us blinder and ignore our human worth for system values. We are wasting too much life force and energy on system navigation to achieve limited system value.
Michaell’s mission is to show us something very different. We are in an unconsciousness crisis. We don’t see that all our ever growing (financial principles)creations led us to a pivotal point of diminishing returns.

Today, we have such an overabundance of goods and services that we have become incapable of consuming. We all keep creating and marketing but besides money we don’t even have the time to sort through them, let alone the time to use or consume all those offerings that we all keep creating more and more of.

Time has become humans most valuable thing, not money and systems that we give our life force to function. Work and tinkering can enrich our human experience to live more fulfilled lives but we unconsciously deprive ourselves of living a human life through systems, our metaverse.

This is why we have to become conscious. Humans have relinquished so much to systems, which demand more systems and more system work that our passion for human tinkering/creating has become work for money and now work to survive.

Michaell’s truth compass is our humans’ limitlessness and natures’ sense of balance. The awareness and wisdom of this focus continuously reveals our eternal knowledge of humankind and the recognition of our human potential.

That’s why there is nothing more to do but to be aware and become conscious.

Understand what it means to be human, our habitat nature and how to be the steward for OUR habitat and next generations. When conscious, change will happen automatically.

“We could heal the world and others by everyone being the best YOU that each can be for YOURSELF” to contribute with each’s uniqueness seamlessly to the whole of humanity.”

We also need to understand how to use, and how humans interact with our man-made systems adequately so that humans and nature remain THE priority.

This will keep raising OUR human potential and therein lies heaven on earth.

One hub for everything https://MICHAELLM.com michaellart@yahoo.com 323 596 0845

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Jan. 11, 2023

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