Jo Ann Richards


Jo Ann Richards, author of MIDLIFE MAGIC, has dramatically changed her life over the last 20 years. She speaks about her seven marriages, UFOs, extraterrestrials, paranormal, the faerie realm, and magic.

A native Californian, Jo Ann has Associate of Arts degrees in film production and Accounting. She is the mother of a successful grown daughter and is the proud grandmother of three. She is married to Captain Mark Richards, USN. She enjoys reading, needlework, travel, and spending time with the family. She is owned by her three cats.

That Thing About UFO's Reptilians And Hybrid's Among Us

Oct. 20, 2021

Hey one more thing before you go in This Episode: UFOs, lizard people, and hybrids among us.! And Because this is October 2021 and in keeping with the tradition of the spooky, the paranormal, the spiritual, and the unusual b…