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Carrie Knowles is the author of 8 books - four novels and four nonfiction. She also pens a regular column for Psychology Today called "Shifting Forward: A Wanderer's Musings". Carrie was named the Piedmont Laureate for Short Fiction in 2014. Her short stories have won more than 25 awards, including the Village Advocate Fiction Contest, the Blumenthal Writers & Readers Series, the North Carolina Writers Network Fiction Syndication and Glimmer Train’s Very Short Fiction Competition. She has been named a finalist in Glimmer Train competitions six times and was also a finalist in the Doris Betts Fiction Contest and received an honorable mention in the National Literary Awards.

That Thing About The Free Range Writer

March 11, 2022

In this episode for Over the Teacup Friday A Musical Affair, divorce, deception, love affairs, expensive secrets, long overdue forgiveness, the power of beautiful music, and $300,000: The Inevitable Past, Black-tie Optional,…