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Hey! I’m Bevin,
the founder of the Take the DAMN Trip movement.
In November of 2019 my husband took me on a "crazy," whirlwind trip to France for my 40th birthday.
5 days later he did not wake up. I've spent the past year adjusting to a new normal as a solo parent of two kids under 4 and running a successful business as now the solo breadwinner of my family. Living without my best friend and the love of my life by my side has been a devastating new normal that I am navigating daily. What I've learned from this is that none of us has the luxury of waiting. We never know what's going to happen tomorrow — good or bad — and so we must choose to connect with those we love, do the "crazy" thing, and Take the Damn Trip.
I'm passionate about sharing this message with the world, bringing real life stories of inspirational people who have taken the leap and done the “crazy” thing that makes all the difference in their lives. And supporting YOU to do the same.

That Thing About Taking the D.A.M.N. Trip!
Oct. 13, 2021

That Thing About Taking the D.A.M.N. Trip!

What do you do when your husband takes you on a "crazy," whirlwind trip to France for your 40th birthday, and 5 days later he doesn’t wake up, lose your home in a house fire, lose your dad to cancer, …

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