Aug. 13, 2021

That Thing About The Thirteenth Floor- Friday Revisit

That Thing About The Thirteenth Floor- Friday Revisit

In this episode WE REVISIT a Favorite when we again learn that the mysterious Thirteenth Floor has a trove of secrets that includes conspiracy theories like Big Foot, Monsters like lizard people living among us, and Unidentified Flying Objects. We have a unique conversation with James Leo York, one of the cohosts of the podcast of the same name, who shares some of their weird and crazy discussions and what James did when he came face to face with a piano playing ghost. Find out more at you can find The Thirteenth Floor podcast here at

James Leo York


James Leo York is a Kentucky copywriter who focuses on screenplays that build brands. He popularized the use of Evolutionary Behavior in marketing. Additionally, he makes promotional content for The Inventors Network of KY, which helps inventors and entrepreneurs learn the skills they need to flourish. In writing circles he is known as Leo, but listeners of his paranormal podcast The 13th Floor know him as James. When he isn't writing or talking about creepy things, he's raising a myriad of animals, from tarantulas to honeybees and cows.