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Dec. 23, 2020

That Thing About Christmas Blessings

In this episode we have a conversation about how we’ve made it! We are almost through 2020! In spite of all the heartache and str…

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Dec. 21, 2020

That Thing About Beating the Odds Against Me

In this episode we are going to have a conversation with the son of a prominent Arabic linguist from Cairo, who at four years old…

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Dec. 14, 2020

That Thing About Divorce and The Single Dad

In this episode we have a conversation with Brett Allen, a single father, who moved to Northern California , became a wine broker…

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Dec. 9, 2020

That Thing About Music Being My Refuge

In this episode you are going to learn how to use music to soothe your soul, calm your mind, and tell your story in a unique way?…

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Dec. 2, 2020

That Thing About Laughter Being The Best Medicine

In this episode we are going to go on one man’s journey of loss that led to the courage to pursue stand-up Stand-up Comedy. We wi…

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Sept. 29, 2020

That Thing About My Sister, Lupus, and a Cure

In this episode we are going to see how the love of a sister with lupus, motivated a Registered Dietitian to find a way to stop L…

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Sept. 22, 2020

That Thing About The Demon That Followed Me Home

In this episode we learn what it’s like to see and feel a demon harassing a young woman, how she was able to finally release it. …

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June 23, 2020

That Thing About Triumph Over Tragedy

In this episode we explore “That Thing About Triumph Over Tragedy.”We will hear a very poignant journey of a child that grew into…

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